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Wildfire is a natural part of our environment, but that doesn't make it any easier when it's your property that has burned. You need to be prepared for new risks in the post-fire environment, understand what recovery treatments work best for your site conditions, and find out what programs can help you replace lost infrastructure.

Currently, Okanogan CD does not have funding to conduct post-fire site visits; however, please contact us to discuss your concerns. Email or call Craig at 509-422-0855 x. 110.

Please scroll down for post-fire resources regarding flooding, seeding, and fireline rehabilitation.

"My favorite thing about the conservation district is the leadership that has been demonstrated in times that have been the most challenging for the community"
Landscape Treatment Options
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Additional Resources
Disaster Case Managers, Okanogan County Long Term Recovery Group
Renae Haug, 509-449-3235
email: renaeocdcm@gmail.com
Jessica Rounds, 509-846-5101
email: jessicaocdcm@gmail.com