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Available Assistance


The Okanogan Conservation District, with support from the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA Specialty Crop Block Grant, provides planning and financial assistance to fruit growers interested in establishing native pollinator habitats.  Services are free-of-charge.  For more information, contact our team member responsible for developing pollinator habitats.

Creating Pollinator Habitats in Orchards

The decline of both domestic and wild bee populations has serious implications for orchard pollination. Incorporating native pollinators into farming practices is a low-cost way to support sustainable pollination.

Benefits to Orchard Operations

Over 600 native species of bees in Washington pollinate wild lands. Growers who include native pollinator habitat in their orchard operation can expect a range of benefits including:

  • Lower costs for beekeeping and hive rental.

  • Beneficial insects that prey on orchard pests, possibly reducing pesticide use. 

  • Longer pollination season.

  • Improved soil health and less erosion with pollinator plantings. 

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