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The Okanogan Conservation District provides service free of cost to landowners and residents within the district's boundaries.

District programs are categorized under five general natural resource categories - habitat, water, agriculture, wildfire & forest health, and education and are inclusive of many kinds of conservation projects and services.

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Habitat Improvements

Plant, animal, and ecosystem health  |  Pollinator plantings  |  Native plant selection

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Water Resources

Stream health  |  Water quality improvements  |  Water quantity & conservation  |  Wetland restoration

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Agriculture Assistance

Rangeland management  |  Irrigation efficiencies  |  Voluntary Stewardship Program

(VSP)  |  Water Bank

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Wildfire Resiliency, Recovery, & Forest Health

Forest health  |  Wildfire resiliency & preparedness  |  Home risk assessments  | 

Wildfire recovery  |  Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)

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Education & Outreach

PreK-12 lessons  |  Outdoor field explorations  |  School gardens  | 

Envirothon competition


Additional Resources

Educational program guides  |  Soil health, air quality, and water resources  |  Planting Recommendations  |  Wildfire resiliency and recovery resources


Conservation Projects 

At the district we are able to provide assistance for smaller customizable conservation projects that fit your needs as a landowner. We can also help connect you with other organizations and partners if you need assistance with larger-scale projects. Learn more about our current projects, programs, and services below!


Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)

More Information

The Okanogan Conservation District is embarking on a journey with Okanogan County and many other partners to update the 2013 CWPP. We will work throughout 2024 to gather input from communities and partners to prioritize wildfire mitigation actions that will be the focus of responders and agencies for the next 5-10 years.

Okanogan County Water Bank (OCWB)


A local water bank aims to protect water rights, prevent water from leaving the County, and to have a place where water resources are locally administered and available for agriculture, habitat, and residential needs. We will host public meetings throughout 2024 as the development of the bank continues. 

More Information


Voluntary Stewardship Program (VSP)


More Information

We help agricultural producers with new and/or existing conservation projects that meet VSP objectives to 1) protect critical areas on agricultural lands and 2) maintain agriculture viability of local farmers, ranchers, and producers.


Are you an agricultural user? Visit our page to fill out a stewardship checklist and learn more!


Stay in the Loop!

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