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What is "cost-share"?

Some of our programs have cost-share funding available. This allows us to offer funding assistance on eligible conservation projects by sharing the cost of the project. 

Different funding sources offer varying cost-share rates. This could include a partial rate of 50/50 or 75/25. In some cases, Okanogan CD can offer 100% cost-share to cover the entire project cost. The availability of cost-share funding depends on the funding source and the type of project.


If a project is eligible for cost-share funds, the landowner agrees to contribute a percentage of the time and/or materials that it takes to make the project happen. 

To receive cost-share funds, a landowner must first have approval from Okanogan CD before any work occurs. In other words, we can't pay you for work you've already done, no matter how exceptional. 

Contact a planner if you are interested in learning more about cost-share funding and starting a conservation project.

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