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Tonasket School Garden Project

Project Description: The Okanogan Conservation District is supporting the Tonasket School Garden Board and Okanogan County Habitat for Humanity with this school garden project to build a new 68' x 24' greenhouse. There will be four work parties for the next consecutive Saturdays to complete the project: 7/15, 7/22, 7/29, and 8/5.

The focus for these work parties is to build the foundation for the green house: 36 nine-foot poles for the walls need to be placed in concrete at 4-foot intervals and with 18 on each side. Work includes greenhouse prepping such as cleaning and deepening the holes that have already been dug with the auger, raking the site to level and smooth out dirt, installing 2" x 6" bottom boards that will be used for clamping the poles, then mixing concrete and filling the holes. There will also be other work tasks such as weeding and pruning tomato plants. The site is both rocky and gravelly loam, pry bars, hole diggers, and rakes are tools that volunteers may want to bring if they have them. Extra gloves are available if needed. There will also be shade canopies, plenty of water, and some snacks available! Getting there: Access to the Tonasket School Garden is via Roy Stotts Avenue. A short dead end dirt road coming off Havillah Road. Coming from town it's the first side street on the right (south). Next to the school's sports fields. The entrance gate to the garden is at the end of the street next to the football field. Can't miss it.

Contact: Ton Rietveld (Garden Coordinator), 509-429-4398 Emmy Engle (Okanogan CD), 509-429-5272


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