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 Your local conservation district is here to help you find solutions that work best for the places you care for.

Our conservation education and planning services are provided without charge to property owners and tenants within Okanogan Conservation District boundaries. We are a non-regulatory agency and working with us is completely voluntary. Contact us today. We'd love to hear about your conservation goals!


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Habitat improvement examples include shoreline plantings, native plant implementation, pollinator plantings, soil health, and erosion control. Landscape should support thriving native plants and animal communities. 



Water programs focus on water quality and the conservation of our water. Bodies of water should meet or exceed quality standards and be sufficient to support human, plant, and animal needs.

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Agriculture production includes rangeland management, irrigation efficiencies, and stewardship programs. Agriculture should provide viable livelihoods while conserving natural resources.

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Programs focus on fire preparedness, resilience, and recovery. We offer free home risk assessments, home-hardening, and recovery assistance. Our community should be engaged in its well-being and have the knowledge and skills to adapt to change. 

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Education includes K-12, adult education, events, and occasional workshops to build resilience and conservation skills. Residents and visitors should have knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about natural resources.



Visit our resources page for additional information on all of our programs and services. You can find fire preparedness tips on home hardening, learn more about various pollinators, water conservation tips, and more! 


Connect You
To Resources



Contact us and we'll put

you in touch with a conservation planner to discuss your natural resource ideas or concerns.


Planners can connect you

to resources, offer technical assistance, and if requested, come out for a site visit

A planner will ask about your land goals and project ideas, listen to your natural resource concerns, and address any questions you might have.


If a site visit is requested, planners will assess the resources on your property, and offer suggestions for 

conservation action.

After the site visit, you decide the next step. For many, that's 

a detailed project plan with recommendations for specific practices to address the resource concerns.


In some cases, a planner can offer cost-share funding to help cover eligible project costs.

What is "cost-share"?

Cost-share is a way to assist community members in the funding of eligible projects by sharing project costs. This could be partial cost-share such as 50% or 75%, or in some cases, Okanogan CD can offer 100% cost-share to cover the entire project cost. The availability of cost-share funding depends on the funding source (both public and private) and the type of project.


If a project is eligible for cost-share funds, the landowner agrees to contribute a percentage of the time and/or materials that it takes to make the project happen. To receive cost-share funds, a landowner must first have approval from Okanogan CD before any work occurs.
In other words, we can't pay you for work you've already done, no matter how exceptional. 


Learn more about cost-share and available funding sources.

"My favorite thing about the Okanogan Conservation District is the leadership that has been demonstrated in times that have been the most challenging for the community. They truly care about and know the communities across Okanogan County."

"Thank you for, once again, providing a fun and informational learning experience for our 2nd graders. They come away from your activities with new knowledge and they talked about your lessons for several days."

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