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Your local conservation district

We are non-regulatory and working with us is 100% voluntary.

We work collaboratively with land managers in Okanogan County to care for our natural resources. 

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Connect You
To Resources



Contact us and we'll put

you in touch with a conservation planner to discuss your natural resource ideas or concerns.


Planners can connect you

to resources, offer technical assistance, and if requested, come out for a site visit

A planner will ask about your land goals and project ideas, listen to your natural resource concerns, and address any questions you might have.


If a site visit is requested, planners will assess the resources on your property, and offer suggestions for 

conservation action.

After the site visit, you decide the next step. For many, that's 

a detailed project plan with recommendations for specific practices to address the resource concerns.


In some cases, a planner can offer cost-share funding to help cover eligible project costs.

We can help you find solutions that work best for the places you care for. Conservation planning assistance and services are provided without charge to property owners and tenants within the Okanogan Conservation District boundaries.

We'd love to hear about your conservation goals! 

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