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Albert Robert's Celebration of Life

There will be a celebration of life for Albert on June 10th at 1:00 pm at the Okanogan Grange Hall.

Please share a story you have with Albert:

If you can, please donate or share his GoFundMe fundraiser linked here:

--- Broken Hearts

Our long-time supervisor Albert Roberts suddenly passed away on Sunday, April 9 from injuries sustained in an accident in his farm shop. We are all devastated by this sudden and heartbreaking news of a life lost, and our hearts and prayers go to his family and friends.

Albert was known for his ability to make mechanical things work, and maybe more miraculously make something out of nothing into a fully functioning machine or piece of hardware. He was also known for his community activism. Not only did he serve as a supervisor for the Okanogan Conservation District for 20 years, but he was also a long-time chair of the Okanogan County Planning Commission, member of the Okanogan Grange, co-founder of Okanogan Slow Food, member of the Okanogan Producers Marketing Association, and more.

Albert never seemed to get flustered or bothered by anything. Problems and challenges were just puzzles to be solved and often with sarcasm and extra strength coffee. He helped champion many positive improvements at our District. He was an ardent supporter of getting conservation on the ground and ensuring voluntary actions were championed while pushing against regulations. He served as our Auditor for more than a decade, which suited his fiscally conservative reputation perfectly. He wasn’t afraid to spend money when it meant a better conservation project, but we had better provide the appropriate documentation to ensure the expense was worth every penny. He was also known as a board member who truly cared about the employees of the district. He wanted conservation district staff to know that while there was a high expectation for performance, they could have an equally high expectation that he and the board would treat all of us with respect and kindness.

Albert, you were our champion in more ways than we can count. Your physical presence and voice will be missed, but your legend will endure. We’ll leave the coffee on for you.


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