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Drought Declaration for Okanogan County

The Washington Department of Ecology has declared a drought emergency for the Okanogan and Methow watersheds.

Please report any hardship you are experiencing and let us know how we can help you during this difficult time. We would be happy to report issues for you anonymously as well. It is important to document the hardships you and your neighbors are experiencing in order to make sure we can take advantage of any resources available to alleviate the financial and ecological impacts to our County.

Hardships would include wells going dry, junior water rights being curtailed, impacted crops (less water for irrigation, reduced crop yield, insect infestation, plant stress), and livestock (reduced pasture & forage, supplemental feed purchased, invasive species, decreased stock weights, animal stress, reduced grazing on public lands, hauling portable water, sold livestock, etc.) and more.

Please let us know if you are experiencing these hardships or others and how we can help!

Jordana Ellis at 509-429-3468 or

Learn more: WA Dept. of Ecology

Download PDF • 197KB


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