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Your Local Water Bank

Okanogan CD is working with the county to provide our communities with a locally administered water bank. This water bank project is brought to you by the Okanogan Conservation District and with funding from The Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE) as well as the Washington State Conservation Commission (WSCC). 

Benefits of a local water bank:

  • A locally administered bank

  • Protects water rights from relinquishment 

  • Prevents downstream and out of basin water right transfers

  • Provides water for agricultural and domestic use (dependent on the type of water right)


Water Bank FAQ

What will the OCWB be used for?
Water from the OCWB is intended to be used to supply mitigation for new water rights within Okanogan County.


What type of water rights are eligible for purchase by the OCWB?
Okanogan CD is seeking mainstem or tributary surface or groundwater rights located within Okanogan County.


Who will be administering the OCWB?
The OCWB will be administered by Okanogan CD, in collaboration with Okanogan County.


What is the process for selling my water right to seed the OCWB?
The process for selling a water right to seed the OCWB includes: 1) an initial water right due diligence assessment to screen out water rights that are not likely valid or able to be used to seed the OCWB, 2) development and negotiation of a letter of intent to purchase, and/or a purchase and sale agreement, between the seller and Okanogan CD, 3) water right change application, 4) closing on water right sale and payment, pending approval of change application by Ecology.


Why should I sell my water rights to seed the OCWB?
Water rights that are incorporated into the OCWB will be protected from relinquishment and downstream out of basin transfers. The Ecology water banking grant program provides water right holders with a unique opportunity to get competitive prices for an existing asset, while assuring that the asset is protected and used for your local community well into the future.


How much money will I get from selling my water rights for the OCWB?
Okanogan CD intends to work with water right appraisers to assure that all water rights used to seed the bank are purchased at competitive market prices.


I have a water right that I may be interested in selling long term, but not ready to sell now, should I still contact you?
Yes, Okanogan CD is willing to incorporate short and long-term lease-back provisions into water right sales.


I think I have a water right that I would be interested in selling, but I am not sure, should I still contact you?
Yes, please send additional information such as parcel number, water right identifier if available, and information on historical water use, and we will help you determine what you have.


How do I find out more information?
Please contact Jordana Ellis (509) 429-3468 or email us at

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