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Wildfire Resiliency & Recovery

Wildfire is a fact of life in Okanogan County, but losing homes, infrastructure, and habitat doesn't have to be. Okanogan CD staff can work with you to prepare for wildfire season and help you recover if fire impacts your property.

Programs and Services:  

  • Pre-construction site visits to evaluate wildfire risk 

  • Wildfire risk assessments for existing homes 

  • Community assessments for neighborhoods interested in
    Firewise USA certification 

  • Resources for hardening homes against wildfire 

  • Post-fire site visit and recovery recommendations


Increase your resiliency

Request a FREE home and property risk assessment to evaluate risk of wildfire.

Fire Recovery

Schedule a post-fire


Visit our Resources Page

for more information on wildfire

preparedness and recovery.

Check out our short films on wildfire preparedness to learn more about what you can do to prepare your property and home for wildfire season. 

Thank you to all of our participants, Cutboard Studio, and COCO AIM for

assisting us in the production of these videos.

Wildfire Projects

Learn more about wildfire resiliency and recovery 

projects here.

Stay tuned to our News and Events pages for upcoming projects and program updates!

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