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Wildfire Recovery

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Wildfire is a fact of life in Okanogan County, but losing homes, infrastructure, and habitat doesn't have to be. Our staff can work with you to prepare for wildfire season and help you recover if fire impacts your property.

Strong and defensible Zone 1 space. Clear of flammable materials, and built with concrete walls and supports.

Post-fire site visit and assessment to discuss recovery recommendations and assistance options.

Our services include: 

  • Wildfire risk assessments for existing homes 

  • Pre-construction site visits to evaluate wildfire risk 

  • Resources for hardening homes against wildfire 

  • Community assessments for neighborhoods interested in Firewise USA certification 

  • Post-fire site visit and recovery recommendations

Check out our short films on wildfire preparedness to learn more about what you can do to prepare your property for wildfire season. 


Thank you to all of our participants, Cutboard Studio, and COCO AIM for assisting us in the production of
these videos.


Visit our resources page for more on wildfire preparedness and recovery.

Fire Recovery Funding

Funding is available for qualifying wildfire losses.
Click here for more information.

Home Hardening and Defensible Space Zones 

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Wildfire Resiliency Projects

Home Risk Assessments


Individual home risk assessment with Okanogan CD planner, Dylan Streeter

To help community members prepare for fire season, we conduct voluntary home risk assessments. Anyone who is interested can call and schedule a time for us to meet with your and visit your property to go over a fire safety checklist and address any concerns you may have. After the assessment, you receive a copy of the checklist and individualized recommendations based on your home risk.


All suggestions are voluntary and for you to have for your own personal reference. We can also provide you with various resources on fire preparedness, home hardening, and recovery options. 

Community Risk Assessments


Wildfire Community Resilience Lead, Eli Loftis conducting a community risk assessment 

Similar to the individual home risk assessment, we also conduct community risk assessments to evaluate the entire community; their homes and surrounding space. This is beneficial for communities that live outside of city limits and can depend on each other to assist in the case of a fire. Upon completion of the community risk assessment, communities can also become Firewise certified. 

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