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Habitat Improvements

The diversity of habitats in Okanogan County is one of our favorite things about living here. From river valleys to alpine lakes, shrub steppe to forests, few places can match the variety of dramatic vistas and wild places here. 

At the same time, living here comes with unique challenges. Our conservation planners are ready to help you find the right solution for your situation.

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A herd of juvenile Mule Deer on the sagebrush steppe.

The bumblebee, one of the vital native pollinators, doing what it does best.

Restoring sensitive riparian habitat for wildlife and water quality.

Here are some of the habitat improvement projects that we can help with:

Habitat Improvement Projects

Riparian Plantings


An implemented riparian planting project in Chiliwist Creek.

We often work with cooperators to implement riparian plantings. These plantings occur along streams, riverbanks, wet meadows, and other wetlands. The plants that grow there are called riparian vegetation.


This vegetation provides many benefits to lands and water by stabilizing stream and riverbanks, supporting fish and wildlife habitat, providing flood control, and enhancing water quality. 

Okanogan Conservation District can help with the planning and funding of riparian projects!

Bee Boxes and Pollinator Habitats

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The girl scouts built and painted 22 native bee boxes 

to improve pollinator habitat in local orchards.

This event was funded by a grant from the Washington State Department of Agriculture as a part of a project to create 10 new acres of native pollinator habitat in Okanogan County orchards. This project is on-going and Okanogan CD staff is working on the planning and installation of pollinator habitat. 

The bee houses will be placed in orchards to attract native Mason bees, which are excellent pollinators and provide a 95% rate of pollination. The goal is to install at least 10 bee boxes. 

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